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What Choices Will You Carry in Your Little Red Wagon?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

My mother use to say often “that’s your little red wagon”, meaning you are responsible for carrying the load of the consequences of your choices. Your load can either be heavy or light. It is all up to you.

Here at Inara Health and Wellness, we want to assist you in making lifestyle choices that will result in living healthier and lighter. When we make choices regarding the foods we eat, the toxins we are exposed to and the stress in our lives, we will either benefit or suffer the consequences of those decisions. In Functional Medicine, we learn that everything is interconnected in some shape, form or fashion.

Did you know that taking Ibuprofen (toxin) regularly challenges the permeability of your intestines? What does this mean? Imagine your intestines as a fence. Taking Ibuprofen can put holes in the fence, that will allow bad things to enter and good things to seep out.

So the question is why are you taking the ibuprofen? Headaches, muscles aches, cramps? Why do you have headaches, muscles aches and cramps? At Inara Health and Wellness, we help you to get to the root of the impact of your choices on your health. Asking why and diving deep to find the answers is the path to true wellness.

What Choices will you carry in your little red wagon?

Will you choose to live healthier and lighter?

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