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How Valuable Are You?

Have you ever reflected on your life? Have you ever taken

inventory on how well you sleep, eat, how much exercise you

receive? Do you ever think about the chemicals that you are

lathering on your skin or what you are environmentally exposed

to daily. I know you are saying, that’s just too much. I agree,

that is a lot, but you must ask yourself, how valuable are you?

Do you deserve a lifetime of wellness, or do you want to

continue tolerating, feeling ok and suffering through. Do you

want to keep telling yourself that this is normal, or you are just

getting older. Unfortunately, we have adopted this fast food

and microwave society, so our patience for things especially our

health, is not as great as it should be. When we are feeling bad

or something is troubling us, we want to feel better quick, so

we will do whatever, whenever, just to get relief. Did you ever

think to yourself that my everyday choices are costing me?

Well, you should because with the current state of our health

care system and the constant desire for a quick answer to solve

some of the most complex problems will cost us. However, you

should be the one to choose what you want to pay for. For

instance, do you want to pay for healthy whole foods options, a

gym membership, a monthly vacation, massage therapy, or

time with friends, or do you want to pay the pharmaceutical

industry for the metformin and statin drugs prescribed by your

doctor or for a hospital bed because your chronic disease is

causing multi-system organ failure. Remember, you can pay

now, or you can pay later, but you are going to pay. This day,

choose life, choose you!

I challenge all of you to think of a time that you were the

happiest and the healthiest. Was it at age 15, 25, 35, or even

45? If you are suffering from any chronic illness such as

hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease or even arthritis, when

did these things start and what changed in your life? Ask

yourself how did I get here, and what did I do to contribute to

this health outcome? I challenge you to think of your worth.

Start investing in yourself today. Remember, you have one life,

so start living it. I challenge you to start make healthy and

sustainable choices this new year.

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