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New Nutrition Program!

We are pleased to announce that our team is growing. Effective September 1, 2022 we will have a team of Functional Medicine nutritionists, dieticians and health coaches joining our practice.  We will be offering an extensive nutrition program to all of our existing and new clients. At Inara Health and Wellness we believe that food should be your medicine. Many diseases and discomforts can be reversed with one simple solution, changing our relationship with food.  Crap Foods are the root causes of many diseases. 

Our new program will offer nutritional support with the concept of nutrient based eating. 

Services will include:

  • Nutrient based meal plans

  • Recipes 

  • Grocery lists

  • Food substitution guides

  • Nutrition tracking app

  • Biometric tracking 

  • Unlimited in app coach messaging

  • One one one consultation with a registered dietician

  • Weekly or Monthly sessions with your coach based on your program. 

Whether you are wanting to lose weight, balance your hormones, support your thyroid or eliminate gut discomforts this program is what you have been waiting for. It will be customized just for you. 

Contact us today for more information or login to your Practice Better account to join the program. 

A Better Version of YOU Awaits!!! 

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