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Did you know that vitamin D is a nutrient and a pro-hormone that is essential for full body health?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, and our bodies absorb it through our foods and the sun.

Unfortunately, due to stress, or the foods that we choose to eat, we can suffer a deficiency of

vitamin D. In addition, the darker the melanin in the skin, the less vitamin D you may absorb

from the sun. Having enough vitamin D is crucial and the conversations around this powerful

nutrient are not loud enough.

Did you know that a lot of individuals lost their battle to Covid, Cancer, and heart disease

because low vitamin D levels make these conditions so much worse. Vitamin D affects greater

than 200 genes in the body because it not only helps to build bone, but it also helps to keep the

immune system healthy, it helps to reduce inflammation and it helps cells to grow.

Vitamin D norms are greater than 30, but for optimal vitamin D levels it should be 50-60. These

are the things that could happen to the body if your vitamin D levels decrease. For levels less

than 20, your cancer risk increase, cancer of the lungs, kidney, colon, cervix, ovary can increase

by 70%. For vitamin D levels less than 30, there is an increased risk in poor wound healing,

muscle pain, joint and back pain. There is a greater risk of depression and schizophrenia with

levels less than 30. Individuals can have an increased risk of migraines, viral infections, and

autoimmune disease when levels are less than 30. In addition, when your vitamin D levels are

between 30-40, which is the “Normal” range on a lab draw there still is twice the risk of a heart

attack, three times the risk of multiple sclerosis, and an increased risk of high blood pressure.

Inara Health and Wellness cannot express enough how important knowing your vitamin D levels

are for your own personal health, but please understand that too much of a good thing is not

always beneficial. I know a lot of individuals get their vitamin D prescription that they take for

several years and never get their vitamin D levels checked again. Vitamin D levels greater than

100 can put you at risk for vitamin D toxicity if it is not matched with K2. K2 helps to push the

vitamin D into the bone and not the soft tissue. In addition, too much vitamin D can lower your

levels of vitamin A which is also essential for vision, bone health, skin health and cell growth.

Did you know it also matters the type of vitamin D you are taking? If you take the 50,000-unit

weekly dose it is the inactive form of vitamin D which is vitamin D2. Vitamin D2 is only

beneficial if your body is healthy enough to convert it to the Vitamin D3 form. Do you know if

your body is healthy enough? Hmmm. In addition, 50,000 units weekly is hardly ever the best

option because nutrients share spaces with one another, so when you flood your body with

Vitamin D your vitamin A suffers. The best option would be to take a daily dose, depending on

your levels, of a QUALITY vitamin D3, which is the active form, from a reputable company.

If you are interested in learning more about vitamin D levels, and you want a consultation with

Inara Health and Wellness. Please contact us.

So do it today and don’t delay; let’s get your D’s checked!!

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